Wizard Of Oz Slots Free Coins And Credits October 2023

Does your gaming expedition is on hold because you have lost your Wizard of Oz free coins? Well, there is no reason to be upset or wait for long since there are plenty of ways to boost your account with more new coins and get back what you have lost playing.

As we know, Wizard of Oz is a free social gaming platform, offering players to indulge in various online gaming options without investing a penny from their pockets. But to keep the gaming ambiance warm enough, players require investing free coins on games to get back more on winning.

They can also lose what they have invested in playing the game. But, there are ways to have the new ones, and some tips and tricks are also available to keep you away from frequent loosing.

Wizard Of Oz Free Credits – Daily Rewards

To collect these free coins for wizard of oz slots, click on the below reward links and it will redirect you to the game directly and add those credits over there.

17 October 2023

1M free coins 17.10.2023

Claim 500k free credits

Collect 500k free credits

16 October 2023

15 October 2023

14 October 2023

13 October 2023

12 October 2023

11 October 2023

10 October 2023

09 October 2023

08 October 2023

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More Ways To Claim Free Wizard of Oz Coins

Apart from the free rewards links, there are a few more ways to get these free credits wizard of oz slots. Let’s find out what they are. Let’s find out what they are.

Complete Your Daily Challenge

The main essence of playing a game resides in the feeling that players have after successfully overcoming different challenges. In Wizard of Oz’s platform, there is a questioning system naming Daily Challenges that offers handsome credits as rewards. The Daily Challenges feature quests can be completed simply by playing the games because the requirements are relatively more manageable than other game challenges. However, it will need you to partake in the main gaming event. Hence, you will require a minimum amount of free coins to utilize this method.

Bonuses Every Hour

In this hourly bonus offer, you will have a free credit set number claimable after every hour. The worth of your hourly bonus offer will combine your daily login bonus, base rewards, Club bonus, VIP bonus, as well as your ranking as a player. Meaning, the more you rise on the ranking, the more time you devote to your gaming, the more rewards you will be eligible for. If a player can spend enough time on the platform, Wizard of Oz Slots free coins worth 10 million is never impossible.

Daily Scratches Bring More Enticement

Claiming scratch cards would be another fascinating way to gain Wizard of Oz free coins. If you are lucky enough, a single card can earn you over coins worth 200 million. And, it’s not that uncommon to have such big scratch cards. This feature would be beneficial for you as your credit pool will be continually boosted by coins fetched by these cards.

Friends and Club Gifts

Now, let’s talk about the final way of earning wizard of oz slots free coins – Friends and Club Gifts. Your friends playing with you and your club members have the opportunity to share free credits with you. These gifts can rich up to a specific amount that you can claim daily. However, the number of times you can claim these gifts is exact. Hence, though all of your friends have sent you free coins, you cannot have all of them at once. For utilizing this method productively, you have to socialize with your gameplay a bit, adding up more and more people who are willing to transact Wizard of Oz free credits with you.

Tips and Tricks for the game

Above we have discussed about the ways to collect the game free rewards. Now here. we will talk about the various tips and tricks to play the game.

The Rule of 5%

This rule suggests that players keep their maximum investment amount less than 5% of their total coin value. By doing it, you will ensure that before you go bankrupt, you will always have 20 more spins to play. If you are not going through your most unlucky day, one of those spins would surely hit to gain some handsome rewards for you. This method’s central concept is maximizing the worth of your winnings when you are dwelling at risk.

Choose Your Stage Wisely

The stage you choose is strongly correlated with the amount you are going to win. Generally, stages contain specific limits for the coins that a player can spend on the games. But, the highest limit of the credit depends on the level of your account is. Lower stages mean lower prize pools, while higher stages mean otherwise. Hence, choose the stage wisely.

Quit when its Time

Quitting is an art that you have to learn to keep your coin bag thriving. You can set a specific limit of loss and end your session as soon as you hit it. This way, you never have to put your credit account in front of the risk of total bankruptcy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I run this platform on my tablet?

You can, if operating systems like Android and iOS powers your tablet.

  1. Can I redeem my free coins for cash?

Well, Wizard of Oz is a social gaming platform meant for only entertainment purposes. Hence, redeeming free coins for cash isn’t possible here.

  1. Can I run the game on my desktop computer or laptop?

Absolutely! Wizard of Oz gaming is very compatible with personal computers as well.

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