What Is Coin Master? Why People Love This Mobile Game?

If you love games where you can build villages, wage wars, and defend your town, you probably are aware of Coin Master as well. In 2010, when the game got its release, it hardly created the waves that it is now sending around the world of mobile games. The Coin Master is one of the most talked-about and the most downloaded games in the App Store. According to the reports, the game has generated a revenue of USD 189,386 every day in January 2020, with users spending as much as $9.36 per download. This is a significant figure, especially when there are 81 million downloads we are talking about!

What Makes Coin Master the Most Popular Game Now

  1. Simple Game Plan: If you have already played many such games, you won’t need much guidance. Build your village, look for another neighboring village to plunder, and then expand your village. It’s that simple!
  2. Coin Slot Game Feature: A highlight of this Coin Master game is the way you can play slot games in the game. It adds a casino slot game like attribute to give an extra edge to the players to earn more. You upgrade your inventory, battle with other Viking villages, and defend your village from invading armies. Here you also get five free spins every hour. Play in this coin slot machine to get more spins.
  3. Social Gaming Feature: The game is indeed incredibly entertaining, and the game is also available on social media. So, invite your friends to play with you and ask them to help you build the villages and the tribe’s armory.
  4. Gain More Stars and Coins: If you have been playing such games, you know the worth of playing to earn stars as a mark of achievement. This is enough motivation for the players. Just like this, you also earn coins to buy more stuff.
  5. More Fun at the end of Every Big Village: What happens when you build and ultimately expand a village and have it set up? Don’t worry, as you will be able to get another primary village, where people will come to stay as you build it more robust, and raid other villages and win battles. In short, this addictive game is ideal for continued gaming lovers.

With these many attractive benefits, it is no wonder that the Coin Master is a top-ranking game. The joy of playing the game and winning a lot is unparalleled to any game lover!

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