Pop Slots Free Chips Today December 2020 Free Coins

Pop Slots Free Chips 2020 Today December 2020. Collect Pop Slots Free Chips for free coins, Free Pop Slots Chips 2020 with no survey or login required.

Pop Slots is a mobile based slot game which can only be played on mobile devices either on android or on ios. This game gives a virtual feeling of slot machine gaming as described  by the officials. Its just a fun mobile game so don’t think that it will make you win money in real life.

How to collect POP Slots Free Chips?

So for playing the game, pop slots free chips are required. In the beginning, some chips are provided to play but that’s small in amount. But don’t you worry, here every Pop Slots gamer will get pop slots free chips and coins regularly. So visit daily to collect free pop slots chips without missing any.

Earlier Playstudios used to offer Pop Slots codes to collect free rewards or coins. There was a option to enter these codes. But after some time, the owners replaced the codes with the links which are published below.

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Pop Slots Free Chips :

Below given are these free pop slots chips links along with the date. So start grabbing those rewards and don’t forget to visit daily.

Pop Slots Free Chips 2020

03 December 2020

Collect 2M free chips

2M free chips reward

Grab 1M PS free chips

02 December 2020

01 December 2020

30 November 2020

29 November 2020

28 November 2020

27 November 2020

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More Ways to Earn Pop Slots Free Chips

Along with the above given reward links there are other ways as well to collect these. Lets discuss them

Collect the time reward bonus

Every two hours a time bonus appears which gives certain amount of free chips. Although they are not huge but yeah it is the soonest time reward in the game. You can store them and play afterwards when it becomes large in amount.

Collect the daily reward bonus

Same as the time reward bonus, there is a daily reward bonus which appears after 24 hours. But there is a big difference in the number of chips provided. You don’t need to collect and store them to become huge because they are already provided in large numbers.

Pop the Balloon

In the middle of the game a balloon starts flying. Try to pop it up to claim more rewards. The balloon has free chips, loyality points and even XP. So be careful and pop it whenever it appears. It has also noticed that the balloon appears only when the table is full. Hence try to play where already three players are playing.

Claim Daily Email Rewards 

Submit your email to Pop Slots and you will receive daily reward emails with a link leading to chips bonus. Try to check your mails daily to not miss any pop slots free rewards.

Take part in special events or tournaments

Try to participate in the events and tournaments organized. It is a great way to not only earn free chips but also XP and loyality points as well. Try not to miss these. Even if you don’t win the tournament, you will be rewarded with some prizes at the end.

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