Pirate Kings Free Spins And Coins Rewards October 2023

Pirate Kings Free Spins Links October 2023, Coins & Bonus. Collect pirate kings free spins daily, free coins, free pirate kings bombs, sheilds and other amazing rewards with no survey or login required.

Pirate Kings is a mobile based slot game that requires you to spin a wheel to build and upgrade your island, attack, steal and loot others, drop bombs on other’s island and many more. It seems to be very addictive because of its graphics, the thought behind the game, etc.

An island is given to you, which you will have to build, protect, upgrade the particulars, complete it and then move to the next island. And the same cycle goes on.

To play the game, majorly free pirate kings spins rewards are required. Basically, the game provides some spins, but it gets over very soon. So here we are to provide these bonuses on a daily basis for free. We will regularly update on The Game Freebies.

Pirate Kings Free Spins Links

Click on the reward links below to claim those bonuses without any survey or any task required. You need to just click on them and it will redirect you to the game and deliver the rewards over there.

17 October 2023

PK spin 17.10.2023

15 October 2023

PK spin 15.10.2023

Free spins

Free spins

14 October 2023

PK spin 14.10.2023

Free spins

13 October 2023

PK free spin

12 October 2023

PK free spin

Free spins

11 October 2023

PK free spin

10 October 2023

PK free spin

So bookmark this page if you are a pirate kings lover and don’t want to miss any rewards to enjoy playing. Visit daily to collect pirate kings bonuses without missing any.

More Ways to Earn Pirate Kings Free Rewards

Apart from the pirate kings free spins links, there are also a lot of other ways to claim these rewards. Some of them are discussed below.

Collect free spins every hour

Every 60 minutes, Pirate Kings provides 5 free spins which automatically gets credited¬† in the spin bucket. So don’t worry if your spins are over, you will 5 free spins every hour. Although its less in number, but its better than zero. The number of spins increases according to the island level.

Collect the daily bonus

Same as 5 free spins every hour, Pirate Kings provides daily bonus where you get a  special token to spin a different machine, where you can win millions of coins every 24 hours. There is slight difference in the time bonus and daily bonus. The time bonus gives free spins whereas the daily bonus gives free coins.

Complete the Islands Fast

After every island completion you get 20 free spins and the spin machine also upgrades with more rewards. Like, the number of coins, bombs, spins increases as the island level increases.

Connect To Facebook

This is the most common way which every game provides to earn specific rewards. Here, Pirate Kings gives

  • Free 50 spins
  • 2x prizes on daily bonus i.e. double the rewards
  • 5 free stars
  • $1,000,000 (1 million) free coins, etc.

It is actually an amazing way to get a lot of rewards. One more benefit is that one will never lose game progress.

Tips and Tricks Of Pirate Kings

While playing the game, if you get get some tips and tricks then it becomes way more interesting to play. Here are some of the tested pirate kings tips and tricks:

Collect gold from old Islands

After moving to a new Island, collect gold which old island generates regularly. Hire crews to increase the amount of gold of these old islands. However, this will benefit you in future and you are good to go.

Don’t Keep The Spins Filled

Try not to keep the spins bucket completely filled. At one time a maximum of 50 spins can be stored, try not to fill it up completely. Because every hour 5 or more spins are credited. If there is no space to store it, then you do not get those free spins every hour.

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