Pets In Coin Master and the Advantage of Using them

Coin Master has taken the gaming world by storm with typical characters such as pets in coin master. The developer has ensured you are in an advantageous position. It is unsurprising as the game packs newer challenges that require players to make tough choices on the course. Therefore, these pets are the salvaging points that help you in the form of a lifeline.

These pets help in multiplying the number of coins scored on a raid over someone. It follows up with cases like preventing villages from being attacked by others.

Types of Pets in Coin Master

Basically there are three types of pets in coin master. Lets discuss them

  • Foxy: Foxy is the 1st pet in Coin Master, which is available when the game starts with the first mission. Foxy can help you with raiding. Using Foxy with various levels of upgrading can open up a better version to raid more coins than initial time. The pet requires food, and this will make it worthy of working for hours. Depending on the amount of food you feed it, Foxy will help to make your pursuit worthwhile.
  • Tiger: The next pet is a tiger that helps in conducting an attack. On using the pet, you win an extra number of coins on attacking others. With the logic of game seeing frequent attacks, Tiger can help you stack more number of coins against your funds. It is recommended to use the tiger during Attack Madness. The tiger can be upgraded using the XP scored and make sure your village is safe.
  • Rhino: The Rhino is the 3rd pet in the game that, unlike Tiger, helps in preventing any external attack conducted. More importantly, Rhino is comparatively difficult to reach for new gamblers, as the pet requires more levels of card collections. The Rhino helps as a shield, and to use it, feed him with adequate food to keep him active. Much like Tigers, Rhino can be upgraded with a better number of rewards.

Pets are an indispensable part of Coin Master. As you plan to move forward with the game, pets play an essential role in accumulating, safeguarding, and attacking purpose. All these animals are unlocked or hatched at different instances, where Foxy is available from Level 1, Tiger comes after Beast Card Collection and Rhino after Creature Card Collection. Make your moves correct and use these pets to their potential and win Coin Master Game.

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