MyVegas Free Chips Daily March 2022

Are you eager to collect MyVegas free chips which is available in galore to make your sparkling dream come true! MyVegas is one of the best social game that the online sphere currently comprises. It is accessible through a designated mobile application, available for both android and ios.

How to collect myVEGAS free chips?

Now, the game has a galore of online slots proficiently running on mobiles, and they are all the way free. You may wonder how you would experience the authentic online slots without having anything to lose.

As a solution to this problem, MyVegas slots fuels its user’s accounts with an abundance of MyVegas free chips.

To collect these free chips, click on the below reward links and it will redirect you to the app directly and credit the reward over there.

MyVegas Free Chips 2022

12 June 2021

1.5M free chips 12.06.2021

Collect 1.5M free chips link

11 June 2021

07 June 2021

06 June 2021

05 June 2021

26 May 2021

25 May 2021

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More Ways To Claim MyVegas Free Chips

Before making your MyVegas free chips to purchase rewards for you, take a glance at the rewarding system MyVegas encompasses.

  • While joining, you will be provided with 3,000,000 free chips for playing the slot machines you desire. Besides, if you make any in-app purchases, you will be eligible to receive special deals exclusive for new joiners.
  • Select the bi-hourly bonus icon to get the additional 500k in your MyVegas free chips
  • Connect it with Facebook and revisit the home screen for receiving more than 255,000 chips that you have gained for making the connection.
  • Another dose of 2,000,000 MyVegas free chips will be introduced to you after you hit the “daily bonus” option.

You will be motivated to advance from a VIP level to another one. But now, let’s be familiar with the process you need to adopt for claiming rewards.

The App will Ask You for Your Location

First, you have to click on the reward button located at the bottom part of the MyVegas mobile application to claim the rewards. Then, allow the app to track your location for customizing the rewards. Based on your location, the rewards for you will be changed. However, you will have the ability to reject the location identification request, but then, customized rewards will be unviable for you.

Available Rewards and Required Loyalty Points will be Visible

As you click on the allow option, an array of rewards available around your locality will be visible on your mobile screen. How many loyalty points you need to secure for gaining those rewards will be visible as well.

A Pop Up Requiring Your Details Will Appear

Selecting the reward you want will make a popup window appear where you need to enter some of your details. After you fill that popup with the required information and click the submit button, the reward you have wished for will be added to your game wallet. You will also be informed about a confirmation mail from the game confirming the inclusion of the reward.

Some Tips and Tricks for Your Gameplay

The online platform of MyVegas game consists of a galore of slot machines. Hence, if you are inclined towards having an opportunity of spinning a few rounds of them and gaining rewards, there is no more attractive place than MyVegas game.

Slots available in this game library are very similar to the slots one can locate in regular online gaming platforms. Hence, the tricks and tips of playing them would be pretty similar as well. The only difference in playing this game is that you will have MyVegas free chips to play on spins.

Free Chips Collection is a Never-Ending Process

Always try to collect the free chips as much as possible. Connecting your myvegas account with your Facebook account would be an excellent idea as 255,000 free chips will be available for you right away.

Analyze the Worth of Slot Machine You are Going to Play

Before starting in any slot machine, consider going through the specific rules, features, and winning symbol combinations the game possesses. Besides, different slot machines comprise spins with varying values of the chip. Hence, consider whether it is sufficient for collecting loyalty points or not.

Stock as Many Chips as You Can and Then Start Playing

Never go excessively on single stakes but believe in the saying “slow but steady wins the race.” Besides, never forget to stock enough chips before playing.


  • How to get free myvegas chips?

There are a lot of ways to get those myvegas free rewards. Mainly through the reward links which is updated daily here.

  • Which mobile operating systems are compatible with the MyVegas app?

You can run the app on both Android and iOS powered mobiles.

  • Are all slot machines free in MyVegas?

Yes, all of them are entirely free, but you need to collect free chips for playing them.

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