How to Get Cards In Coin Master?

This article is all about how to receive or send cards In Coin Master. Cards in coin master is a precious thing. Getting cards is not as easy if you think its easy. Neither its too much hard. Whenever you raid someones village, if they have cards digged in their village and if you raid them, you will get a option to choose cards among them. You can choose only 1 card at a time. So choose carefully which card do you want and should must not be already there with you. Because if you already have that card with you and again you get the same, then its a waste because you can’t use it more than once.

If you play this game regularly then you must be loving it. So you need more and more spins to play without being stopped.

Other Ways To Get Cards

You can also ask your friends the cards you need and if they have a spare card with you, then they can give it to you. But remember, you can only ask if you have logged in through your Facebook account. Of course, you can also join various FB or Whatsapp groups, where trading of these cards is done. You can post and ask the guys in the group. There will be someone who will definitely help you for the card that you need if they have any spare card with them. That goes the same for you. You should also help and give cards to anyone who is in need of that card.

But you need to know that not all cards are trade able. Only normal cards (white in color) can be sent and received. The golden cards even can be traded but it’s only when the coin master moon active developer keeps some golden trade event this event is only held for some few hours so at that point of time you need to grab it from some of your friends.

Hope all your doubts cleared regarding the cards in coin master.

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