Hit It Rich! Slots Free Coins March 2022

Hit It Rich! Slots Free Coins March 2022. Collect hit it rich free coins and spins here daily in 2022 which will help you play the Hit It Rich game easily.

When we say Hit it Rich, we talk about an entertaining social gaming platform flooded with interesting gaming titles. Being one of the best of its kind, Hit it Rich provides players with free gaming titles to play along with their friends and dear ones. Besides, while playing, you can also bring love to your friends, sending them bonuses and gifts.

Start venture into the magnetic world of Hit it Rich, and you will be greeted with 5,000 coins as your welcome bonus. You can surf through renowned online gaming titles like New York Disney, Oz-Over the Rainbow, Pretty Kitty, and more. All these games comprise magnetic graphics, finely designed animation, and bonus games. To get all of these, you only need to download the Hit it Rich application from your mobile phone’s application store and get some Hit it Rich free coins to start your expedition.

Hit It Rich Free Coins

Below are the hit it rich slots free reward links. You just need to click on them and it will redirect you to the app and deliver the credits over there.

12 June 2021

1M free coins 12.06.2021

Collect 1M free coins link

Snag 1M free coins link

Grab 1M free coins reward

HIT 2M free coins reward

Get 2M free coins reward

Claim 2M free coins link

11 June 2021

07 June 2021

06 June 2021

05 June 2021

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More To Collect Free Hit It Rich! Coins

Even though Hit it Rich is a social gaming platform, winning without anything would have been looked a bit blemish. However, you don’t have to deal with that incompleteness as the platform literary seeks opportunities to offer players free coins. Yes, you have to play the games using Hit it Rich free coins, and on winning, you will win more of them. However, there are a few ways to claim more free coins from the platform, and they are mentioned in the following section.

Sign Up Through Your Facebook Account

Sign up with Hit it Rich through your Facebook account. Yes, it’s that easy, but in turn, your gaming account will be loaded with 7,500,000 free coins.

Install the Application on Chrome

Another trick to brag some hefty amount of free coins would require the Google Chrome browser. Install Hit it, Rich! Beacon through the Chrome store, refresh the page and select this platform’s icon on your browser window. That’s it; you will receive 10,000,000 coins.

Gift Chest Means Free Coins Too

Now, as you have connected your Facebook account with this platform, it’s time to be a bit social. If anyone from your friend list is on this platform, too, he will be visible in your Gift Chest. Then using this option, you can transact Hit it Rich free coins with your friends.

Free Bonuses are Available After every Two Hours

Indeed! You can avail of a lucrative bonus package with free coins after every two hours by just selecting the Free Bonus icon situated under the game selection. You have to spin the lucky wheel to gain this bonus. The number of free coins offered to you varies from ten million to 4000K.

Keep Spinning the Reels

Keeping on your gaming venture would be the most apparent method of securing a source of obtaining Hit it Rich free coins. There is a unique feature called Charm Meter by playing more rounds, and you will receive more significant bonuses like quicker free spin bonuses, double experience points, and more.

Tips and Tricks of the Game

Hit it Rich means plenty of enticing gaming options and hours of enjoyment. None of the games available on the platform will indeed benefit you fiscally, but that doesn’t mean you cannot play them utilizing some tricks. The free Hit It Rich coins received by winning at the games will bring you entertaining hours. And, hence, you should always play them with more precision, applying the tips mentioned below.

  • Always collect free coins as much as possible. Try all the methods mentioned above to get more free coins to keep your gaming account loaded.
  • All the games available on the platform come with different sets of features and rules. Hence, be familiar with the game you want to play before investing coins in them.
  • Different games come with additional coin investment requirements. Hence, ensure how many coins you want to invest in it.
  • Set a specific margin for your gaming session, and never let your coin balance go under that level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which mobile operating systems can I run the Hit it Rich app through?

You can play games from this platform through any mobile phone powered by Android and iOS operating systems.

  1. Can I win money out of these games?

Although you can win free coins by winning at Hit it Rich, no games can provide real cash to the players.

  1. How can I have an account in Loyalty Lounge?

Every player gets a profile in the Loyalty Lounge automatically as soon as he opens an account in the Hit it Rich platform. However, for customizing your photo and information, you need to sign up for that account.

  1. What is a Rich Pass?

Rich Pass is a feature of the Hit it Rich platform, enabling players to attain particular

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