Consider These 6 Facts About Coin Master Before Playing

Are you the one who loves to play mobile games? Have you heard about a game called Coin Master? We will talk a bit about the game to let you know a few facts about coin master before you download it from the play store and start playing. Coin Master has become a popular name among the game lovers. In the measure of addiction, people are saying that it is next to Candy Crush that had spread a gaming mania back in time.

Facts About Coin Master Game :

Everyone knows how amazing and catchy the game is. There are also a lot of amazing facts about coin master many of the users don’t know. Here we going to discuss some of those:

  1. Not a New Release

First, know that Coin Master is not a new release. The game appeared in the gaming world back in 2010. Every good thing needs time to be noticed. The game took its time, and now the gamers are going gaga over this mobile game.

  1. Integrated with the Concept of Slot Machines

The game is based on the concept of a slot machine. While rolling with the game, you have to collect free spins gradually to spin a slot machine. You can even use coins to spin it. Utilize your coins for spinning and get more spins along with coins, attacks, shields, and many more.

  1. Build Your Village and Raid on Others

In this game, the ultimately important thing is coins. You earn coins and spend it on building your village. You earn stars once you upgrade huts in your villages. Well, stars are not moreover imperative. However, the things you get from raids and the slots machine provide you more chances to attack and earn coins.

  1. Importance of Stars

Well, the stars can’t provide you with chances to turn the slot machine wheel but are somehow important. You upgrade your buildings and collect stars throughout the game. These stars are needed to maintain your rank on the games leader board.

  1. Levels in Coin Master

Do you remember Candy Crush? How many levels it had? Unlimited!! This is the same case over here too. That is why if you are looking for a game that brings new surprises for you every day, Coin Master maybe your best option. You can get a reward with 50 spins by just logging in daily.

  1. Gather Your Friends to Play Together

Here comes the most exciting feature. Play Coin Master along with your friends. Connect the game with your Facebook account to find out who is already playing or send invitations to them who are not. Now raid on your friend’s village and piss him off repeatedly.

This article is distinctly created only to provide you a prior insight into the Coin Master game. It is very available in every app store. After considering these facts, decide whether the game is for you or not and start playing now if it suits you.

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Hope you guys have enjoyed reading the facts about coin master.

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