Cost of Individual Coin Master Village List

Coin Master boasts a broad range of Villages available for purchasing with virtual coins. The game offers 100’s of Village choices coming up with a variety of themes, story-lines, bonuses, and foes. As a player targeting to qualify the next level, you need to destroy all these villages to move ahead with the next village.

Costs of  Coin Master Villages in the Game

When you consider a game with over 200 villages, each of these has different requirements for the individual community. The costs will get higher with the number of levels getting unlocked, one after the other. For building a new village to the picture, this comes for a massive cost in the form of coins.

Building the first coin master village costs 4 million coins and the cost shoots up to 6.5 million for the next village. The trend continues to go above 100 million coins for building 29 villages, and the amount touches Billion coins mark on going ahead of 74.

Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Reward

With villages in the center of the topic, these are the levels of qualifications. Scoring a village does mean the responsibilities to make it functional, which in return gives you the rank point. You can check the current rank or  your village number in the game map option, and the proceedings will move ahead. Each of the villages comes with different theme tunes and regions.

The portions are divided into 5 different parts that are innovative for coins you score on gaming. Following this, comes the village-building key point. Here, the usage of coins coming from the slot machine helps to understand the elevation portions of the village.

How to Calculate the Cost of a Village in Coin Master

There is no hard-hitting algorithm to calculate the price charged in building a coin master village in the game. For instance, consider the cost of the initial star on the last line is X coins. Multiply the same with 30 and see the result, which is the cost required to construct the village. Whatever is the amount, try making the most using the coin master free spins as it helps in reducing the costs comparatively.

Final Thoughts

Coin Master poses challenges that are rarely heard of. This compulsive village building challenge makes your gaming pursuit look stronger. In the end, look out for offers, rewards and free spins frequently, which ensures to cut down the challenge considerably.

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