Coin Master Reward Calendar – Gift Collections At Your Disposal

Coin Master is here, and this time the game has bought Coin Master Reward Calendar to the highlight. It is a relatively new feature of the game that has been under a long testing phase. The developer took months in designing a useful feature, and it has worked brilliantly. As a player, you get to receive a free reward guaranteed daily. All you need is to log in every day, and the free spins in the calendar award you a handful number of offers.

What is in Coin Master Reward Calendar ?

The Coin Master Reward Calendar in the Coin Master game offers one gift per day for every 30 days. It is maintained in an interactive collection page, containing gifts segmented for every single day. These gifts are different days, which starts from coin master free spins to coins and even gold chests. Even at the end of every week, players stand with collections of XP, Pet Food, and Coins.

Rewards to Look Forward

The gifts coming via Reward Calendar depends on the player level and at which village currently he or she is dealing. With more levels or villages, more is the reward. However, this is justified, since you need more coins for building villages of higher levels. The generic rewards under the calendars and the cycle continues to refresh once every 7 days.  Any increase, right from the coin, pet food, and XP, helps in giving a minor boost for almost free of cost.

Extra Shield in Coin Master

Coin Master provides players with the extra shield feature. The Shield feature in the game ensures to protect villages from frequent attacks by other users’ attacks. Every individual player has a maximum of 3 shields in the game. However, with a new game update, players are set to receive 7 shields in the game, which is an increase of 2 extra shields as per the latest update.

Is Reward Calendar and Extra Shield Update available to all?

Coin Master Game has the new Reward Calendar and Extra shield, which currently is available to some selected users only. Until the feature gets familiarized, expect Reward Calendars to be available selectively. So just wait for some time.

Final Thoughts

Coin Master Reward Calendar is an excellent way by the game developers of Coin Master to give players with bonuses and free spins. It is available daily and refills once every 7 days. Make the most of the offers provided and win more rewards.

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