Coin Master Joker Card Tournament: Top Tips to Win and Earn Better

The Coin Master is the hottest game in the Play Store and the gaming world. However, there is more to the game than just building Viking villages. In the same way, the Joker Tournament is also the newest event happening in Coin Master, where the winner gets to win a Joker Card. Using this Joker Card, you can easily unlock any rare card of your choice to complete your card collection.

Prizes to Win

The winner takes how the Joker Card and the others will be getting other cards. This Joker tournament is like the Diamond Tournament, where scores of other players fight against each other to reach the best score. Since the tournament lasts for a limited time, you have to play and win in this time-frame. The prize includes cards, stars, coins, and chests.

Strategies to Use for Getting One Step Ahead of Others

  • Know When to Charge: The duration of the tournament is long. Hence, people usually jump in the last hour. However, it does not give any upper edge to you, nor will you reach the top position. You should start playing three hours before the end of the tournament and reach the first position and take a lead of a couple of thousands before taking a break. Join in during the last few minutes of the second to last hour. Continue playing, and be way ahead of the others and thereby win.
  • Be Ready to Lose Spins: The Joker Tournament will have you losing spins. You can recover these spins by way of other tournaments or games. Just make sure to be ready to splurge.
  • Not All Challenges are Rewarding: People with a strong mission in mind to get all the coins to do so right from the start. When you start noticing the trend of these coin-grabbing people usurping the rankings also from the beginning, leave it. Such battles are not going to fetch you the gold card. However, you may even decide to settle for a lower position too.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best thing about Coin Master is the ability to earn coins and chests along the way. Daily free spins and more chances to win stars are always there. Do not worry about losing Joker Tournament since the game has loads of such pulsating tournaments happening now and then. Enjoy the Coin Master game, and feel free to make the most of it.

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