Why Coin Master Has Gained Fame Compare to Other Slot Machines

If you love mobile gaming and social gaming, you must have surely heard of Coin Master. The game has been the talk of the town for quite some time now though it was launch way back in 2010. Though many other games abound the internet, why is the Coin Master leading the show, and how is it different from other slot machine games? Let us discuss the reasons for throwing some light on the facts.

Multiple Levels of Engagement

When you start playing the Coin Master, you realize that the game is engaging. You don’t just look at the reel of the slot vending machine the moment you open Coin Master. Here you build a Viking village from scratch, raid other villages, and make it your territory. You then play the slot games to earn more rewards, and then tournaments and other such games to keep you on your toes throughout.

Background Music and Relaxing Interface

Another highlight of this slot game is its background music and layout. The cute little pig and other Viking village characters are all in the interface, making the game more enjoyable. The cartoonish design is beautiful to look at, and the slot spins are fun while rewarding you hammers and shields, among other things. You are sure to forget reality for a while!

Slots Reward to Help You Progress in Game

Unlike the other standalone slot machine games, the Coin Master’s slot game is just a part of the main game. Earning rewards through the spins, you get to use them for progressing in the building of your village or raiding the villages nearby. The star on the top of the reel shows the number of shields you have to protect your gold against the raids, and they should be a maximum of three. The spins might appear to be a few restock every hour by five. If you get three pigs in a row, you get to raid a randomly selected village.

Free Spins from Friends

When you invite your friends on Facebook to play Coin Master, you also win more free spins. There are Facebook groups where you can get daily rewards like free spins, free trading cards, and much more too. It is something you don’t get to see in case of a regular slot game.

The Coin Master is an excellent fusion of a mobile game and a fun slot game. Here also you wager and spin the reels, but only that your game doesn’t end when the wheel stops spinning!

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